Drupal is one of the popular open source content management systems that is written in PHP drupallogosma_819146and distributed under the General Public License. The name Drupal has Dutch origins, as it is derived from the Dutch word “druppel” which means drop (as in water droplet). Dries Buytaert is considered as the lead developer and founder of Drupal CMS. Content management system which started out as a message board became an open source project in 2001. Now, there is a large and rapidly growing community of developers and programmers working to develop the functionalities and features of Drupal. Over a million websites are using Drupal CMS solution to empower their online presence.

Drupal, being a CMS and content management framework proves equally useful to both the non-programmers and developers. Whether it is about building complex websites or creating custom functionality, this free community built website development tool is an ideal choice. There are mainly five layers in Drupal, which include data, modules, user permissions, themes, blocks and menus. Around 31,993 modules and 2,176 themes are present in this open source content management framework which provides the developers an opportunity to customise their web solutions seamlessly. Strong and compassionate community of Drupal can offer guidance and assistance to the users. New versions are also released by the community in order to improve the functionality and effectiveness of Drupal CMS.

Security releases and updates published by the developer community can boost the security, safety and performance of the open source content management system. Let us consider the release of Drupal 7.39 and 6.37. Released in response to the discovery of security vulnerabilities, this novel version doesn’t have any new features or non-security related bug fixes. Upgrading of Drupal 7 and 6 sites is highly recommended by the Drupal security team. If you have been planning to power your website with Drupal or need assistance in upgrading your Drupal backed site, then it is wise to hire expert drupal developers. Relying on the professional services of a leading Drupal development company not only saves your time and efforts, but also ensures top-notch results.

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