PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side scripting language that was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. More than 240 million websites and 2.1 million web server’s use PHP language. Being a free and open source scripting language, PHP has become a highly sought after option among millions of web developers and designers. Moreover, its versatility, scalability, flexibility and impressive performance make it a popular option on the web.  Over the years, PHP community has put their time and efforts in advancing this open source language. A group of active and vibrant community of web programmers has been striving hard to improve the performance and functionalities of this programming language. Latest release of PHP 7.0.1 is a case in point. According to the PHP development team, several bugs of PHP 7.0.0 series have been fixed and the latest PHP 7.0.1version is available to download. The team also encourages all the PHP 7.0 users to upgrade their web servers and sites to the latest version.  Are you planning to upgrade the website on your own or thinking about hiring an expert assistance? Hiring the services of a qualified PHP developer is highly recommended.


Choosing the right web development company to entrust with your technical projects is a crucial decision. There are a lot of IT companies out there and finding an ideal tech partner is going to be a tricky task. Do conduct a background check to find more information about the firm’s business reputation. Enquire about the expertise and experience of the team you are about to hire. Check out their work portfolio to get a better understanding about their practical exposure and technical skills. Schedule a meeting with the team to discuss your needs and requirements. Pay heed to their communication strategy and work attitude. It is always good to hire a web development company that offers long term support services. So, whether it is about upgrading your site to latest version or building a site from the scratch, make it a point to select a reputed web development company after detailed planning and research.

Originally Published:PHP 7.0.1 is available