WordPress is once again in the news for its WordPress 4.4.2 security release and the founders are already asking everyone to update their sites immediately. Even you would have heard about it. But what is it all about? If you too are eager to know then read on as we go into the details of WordPress 4.4.2 security and maintenance release and why you should update it now. The latest release deals with SSRF and open redirection vulnerabilities.

SSRF Vulnerability: When you are running an online business you will want to secure your server as much as possible as it is that one point from where you can manage everything related to your website. SSRF elongated as Server Side Request Forgery refers to a vulnerability where in an unauthorised person has the ability to create requests from your server. You would not even want to think about the consequences such a forgery can create. When you are using WordPress 4.4.2 and have a local URL your server can be compromised due to some security issues in the latest edition of the web development platform.

Open Redirection Vulnerabilities: As you can guess it has something to do with redirection and has the ability to risk your site’s genuineness. Open redirection happens when a webpage is exposed to the possibility of redirection to other malicious website through a user controllable input. Of course you will not want your website users to be redirected to any bad site. Unfortunately WordPress 4.4.2 makes your site vulnerable to open redirection.

Both these vulnerabilities are dangerous for any site using WordPress. But do not panic, for you also have the easy solution out; simply update your site with the latest WordPress 4.4.2 security and maintenance release. And if your site supports automatic background updates then there is nothing to worry at all as it will automatically take the update.

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