Why you should hire a Drupal programmer for building your business website? Drupal, an open source content management system written in PHP and distributed under General Public License (GNU) has become a highly sought after choice among the developers and designers. Ease of use, remarkable versatility, excellent administrative system and tested standard modules are some of the unique features that make it a preferred option among the tech community. Content management framework of Drupal makes it equally useful to both the designers and developers. This community built website development tool supported by impressive performance levels help in developing a technically advanced and visually appealing website. Before you hire a Drupal web development company to build a website for your business, it is essential to learn about the unique features of this open source CMS. Let us take a look at the important features of Drupal which make it different from its counter parts.

Search engine friendly URL optimization: Designing and launching an appealing web presence drupal developeris not enough. You need to make sure that your online presence gets noticed among the targeted audience. Drupal, loaded with search engine friendly specifications, helps in improving the page rankings of your website. Developers have complete control of URL structure of Drupal powered website. This customized URL structure allows the developers to create SEO friendly URLs for each node.

Customization: Drupal offers an extensive array of templates from which you can make a pick. Contents for your websites can be created easily by selecting the right template.  Modifying the template is also simple and straightforward. Intuitive graphical user interface of Drupal templates makes the customization process easier.

Multiple users management: Controlling and sharing the content of Drupal powered websites with a group of users are easy. Whenever a change is made to the shared content, it will be updated over the entire website instantly.

These are some of the many features of Drupal Content management system that makes it a popular choice amongst the developers.

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