Responsiveness of the websites are needless to say, considered to be today’s most striking and must feature while developing a website.  The requirement of responsive website arises with the growth of I-phone, mobile and tablet usage. Without these gadgets our life seems impossible nowadays. So it is very important to develop your website as responsive also. This means that your website can respond to different kind of platform and can execute according to the resolution of your device’s screen resolution.


Here are some of the basic instructions for creating a successful responsive website: –

Choose fluid grid layouts: – Always opt for fluid grid layouts. The reason for choosing fluid grid layout is it adjusts easily according to the resolution of the screen. It is very important for a website to adapt the resolution as quickly as possible and so the layouts must be of fluid grid.


Use of templates: – Rather than using labels, use templates. The templates are very useful for designers to learn the tricks and these tricks can be used to design the website further. Templates also save the time required for designing the web pages and along with it, it can give many creative ideas.

Easily adaptable images: – While developing a responsive website, it is very important to get images which can be easily scalable and adjustable to different screen resolution. Using j-query plug-ins, can make the background images more scalable and adaptable.

Check the loading speed: – This point is very common yet very useful to be remembered. Designers are recommended to check the loading speed after designing every page. According to the expert designers, large images must be avoided to make the site loading quicker. Then also about 48% of responsive sites take 4 to 8 seconds to load. To avoid this problem, the image should be optimized properly.


Avoid long description: – Maximum viewers of your website are using smartphones only. So they must not be wasting their time in reading all those long contents. So better to keep it small and meaningful or the user will immediately switch to other site.

Everyone can read the content: – Typography is very much important. You should keep the font size readable to everyone. Make sure people don’t have to squint their eyes to read the content nor should it be very much large as   it may cause the content to take time to load.

Margins or padding? – it is always advisable to replace the margins with paddings if you are making your website responsive. Margins will increase the white space which cannot be preferred while padding will increase the tap able area.


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Originally Published:Responsive websites: Boon to latest technology gadgets