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What Is Benefits of Magento Ecommerce Development and How Does It Work?

benefit of magento

 Why Use Magento for Ecommerce Development?

Magento development in the ecommerce arena has been surging in popularity as more and more businesses decide to build their online store using this open source technology. This article discusses about the benefits of Magento ecommerce development.

So you have decided to launch your own ecommerce venture; Great! The one big question that you are about to face is; choosing the right platform to build your ecommerce website. Choosing the right platform from aplenty of options is going to be tad confusing. That is when you start looking for the popular ecommerce platform in use on the web. Your answer is Magento – a free and open source content management system for ecommerce websites. Scripted in PHP and built with the elements of Zend Framework, Magento employs the MySQL relational database management system.  What makes Magento a mostly sought after option among the retailers across the web? Cost effectiveness, customization features, business centric functionalities, user friendliness and security are some of the many advantages of Magento ecommerce development. Magento is available in free community and premium enterprise editions. Business enterprises may choose the right version that fits to their needs. Added to that, there are a lot of extensions, plugins and themes available with the Magento platform which allows the developers to craft unique and bespoke business driven ecommerce solutions. If done in the right manner, Magento extension development can increase the performance, functionality and reach of your ecommerce store. But make sure to hire the services of a Magento certified developer to entrust with your ecommerce development project.

Many of the business enterprises often think about cutting corners and saving money by choosing a novice or freelancing open source developer. However, it is always recommended to hire the professional services of a reputed web development company to avail the best quality results. Only an experienced Magento developer can devise and launch a customized shopping cart solution for your business. Not just the customization services, but you can be assured of availing premium services from a reliable web development team. Moreover, the team will be always there to guide you out even after the development and launch by offering maintenance services. How to find a reliable Magento development company to partner with? You may start your search through online. Social networks, forums and tech communities can provide you the right guidance. For example, LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site that has been helping the professionals to build new connections in the industry. You may take advantage of this site to find the leading web development companies in your locality. Once you have come up with a list of IT firms, make it a point to check their portfolio and schedule a brief discussion. Pay heed to the technical expertise, practical skills, industry specific experience and customer service strategy when choosing a Magento ecommerce development company.

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Get Rid of Responsive websites: Boon to latest technology gadgets Once and For All

Responsiveness of the websites are needless to say, considered to be today’s most striking and must feature while developing a website.  The requirement of responsive website arises with the growth of I-phone, mobile and tablet usage. Without these gadgets our life seems impossible nowadays. So it is very important to develop your website as responsive also. This means that your website can respond to different kind of platform and can execute according to the resolution of your device’s screen resolution.


Here are some of the basic instructions for creating a successful responsive website: –

Choose fluid grid layouts: – Always opt for fluid grid layouts. The reason for choosing fluid grid layout is it adjusts easily according to the resolution of the screen. It is very important for a website to adapt the resolution as quickly as possible and so the layouts must be of fluid grid.


Use of templates: – Rather than using labels, use templates. The templates are very useful for designers to learn the tricks and these tricks can be used to design the website further. Templates also save the time required for designing the web pages and along with it, it can give many creative ideas.

Easily adaptable images: – While developing a responsive website, it is very important to get images which can be easily scalable and adjustable to different screen resolution. Using j-query plug-ins, can make the background images more scalable and adaptable.

Check the loading speed: – This point is very common yet very useful to be remembered. Designers are recommended to check the loading speed after designing every page. According to the expert designers, large images must be avoided to make the site loading quicker. Then also about 48% of responsive sites take 4 to 8 seconds to load. To avoid this problem, the image should be optimized properly.


Avoid long description: – Maximum viewers of your website are using smartphones only. So they must not be wasting their time in reading all those long contents. So better to keep it small and meaningful or the user will immediately switch to other site.

Everyone can read the content: – Typography is very much important. You should keep the font size readable to everyone. Make sure people don’t have to squint their eyes to read the content nor should it be very much large as   it may cause the content to take time to load.

Margins or padding? – it is always advisable to replace the margins with paddings if you are making your website responsive. Margins will increase the white space which cannot be preferred while padding will increase the tap able area.


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Easy Ways to Increase the Performance of WordPress Website

Performance of a website is closely associated with the loading time of the site. This article discusses about the easy ways to speed up your WordPress website. “

How -To-Speed-Up-Your-WordPress-Website.png

Whether it is about building a blog or a full-fledged website, WordPress web development services prove to be an ideal choice. Hiring the services of a qualified WordPress developer can be the right step to avail top notch web solutions. In this article, we discuss about the ways for increasing the speed of a WordPress powered website. Read More

How to Hire a Fashion Website Design Company?


Fashion is one of the most dynamic and ever changing industries. At the same time, it is a competitive sector where each and every brand has to battle out to grab attention. No matter whether you are running an established fashion brand or a new entrepreneur starting out, the role of a website should never be ignored. Fashion industry deals with the latest trends and buzz. So, it is obvious that a website for your fashion business must be excellent and unique. We are living in the digital age where modern day customers have access to more than millions of websites and blogs. Making your website stand out in the crowded virtual platform is a challenging task. And that is why you need to hire the best professionals to do the job. Read More

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Web Development Company For Your Retail Business

In the digital age we live today, business retailers need to meet the needs of their customers through every channel. And that is why every retailer, regardless of their size and niche have been spending a huge sum of money for the digital marketing initiatives. Setting up a full-fledged website is the first step of your online marketing strategy. Investing in the right retail website development services can give you a perfect opportunity to create new streams of revenue and thereby contributing to your business bottom line.

A retail website should have the right balance of amazing design elements, search Atlas-P3-April-2016functionality,intuitive navigation, engaging visual and textual content. On the top of it, a well-designed and developed website must provide optimum user experience from top to bottom. Choosing the right website design and development company is a crucial step you can’t take lightly. There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration while hiring the right web design agency for crafting your retail business online presence. Below listed are some of the questions that you may ask the web design team before taking a final decision.

Do you understand the unique needs of retail business? 

Requirements and goals of retailers may vary from one to other, depending on the products they sell or services they offer. No matter the needs, the prospective company should be able to design a custom website tailored to meet it.

Do you offer responsive web design services?

Resizing the website to fit different screens is not going to work anymore. Enquire whether the team can build a website that accommodates users on their desktop, mobile phones and tablets seamlessly. Responsive web design layouts deliver a customized user experience for each device.

Will receive support even after the website test and launch?

Many of the businesses think that retail web development service end right after the site launch. However, on-going support, marketing strategies and regular updates are essential to generate growing revenues.

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Top Advantages of Designing a Hotel Website

Hospitality industry is going through a remarkable transformation in the recent years. Thanks to the surging growth of travel and tourism industry across the globe, hospitality business is exploring new doors to reap profit of success. It is time to transform the overall appeal of hospitality industry. Having an online presence for attracting millennial travelers across the virtual platform is the need of the hour. However, majority of the hoteliers don’t understand the importance of having a web presence. If you are an hotelier, then you need to recognize the immense potential of having an independent website. Considered as the focal point of all your marketing strategies, a well designed website can attract a large number of millennial on the web.

Let us look into the benefits of having a custom designed website for your hospitality establishment. A hotel website design can build your brand value and identity. Not only it gives your business a better search exposure, but also helps in building your hotel’s overall reputation. When integrated with the right blogging efforts or social media strategy, the hotel website can attract an engaged audience.

User experience is optimal. Online room booking have become a growing trend these days. Designing a website to meet each hospitals individual needs and demographic exposure can ensure the best possible user experience. Responsive layouts, mobile websites, language translation, social activities, event calendars, reservation system, videos platforms and more futures can be integrated to the hotel website design.

Getting noticed on the competitive market is possible with a sound and secure web presence. Travel and tourism is a highly competitive industry, so having strong online presences is critical for exploring new market opportunities. Introducing search engine marketing, content marketing, blogging, pay per click advertising and many more digital marketing techniques can help you in attracting maximum returns

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Why Choose Joomla Web Development?

Open source content management systems have been taking over the digital market by storm. Millions of websites around the world are powered by several open source web development platforms and CMS solutions. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are some of the popular CMS options available on the web. What would be your pick? Each web development platform has its own set of pros and cons. If you are looking for a CMS solution that is as easy as WordPress, yet powerful as Drupal, then Joomla is what you need. Joomla was released in 2005 and the name Joomla! is the anglicised spelling of Swahili word ‘Jumla’ which means ‘all together’. Complexity of this open source script falls somewhere in between the easy to use WordPress and developer friendly Drupal platforms. Joomla has been downloaded over 50 million times and is ranked as the second most used CMS on the virtual platform right after WordPress.


Working on Joomla demands an eye for creativity, technical expertise, practical exposure and search engine optimization skills. And that is why it is essential to hire dedicated Joomla developers to build an effective website for your business. But before you start searching for a reputed Joomla web development company to entrust with your project, let us check out the main advantages of this CMS.

Joomla is written in PHP which makes the script compatible with all the major browsers and settings. Moreover, preview modes are available with this scripting language which allows the developer to check the display. Easy installation is another benefit. It only takes about a few minutes to download and set up Joomla system. Joomla has an extensive and diverse array of plugins, themes and components. Added to that is the quality support services provided by the active and passionate community of Joomla developers. These are some of the many benefits of Joomla CMS that makes it a unique choice.

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Why Choose Drupal for Your Web Development Project?

Why you should hire a Drupal programmer for building your business website? Drupal, an open source content management system written in PHP and distributed under General Public License (GNU) has become a highly sought after choice among the developers and designers. Ease of use, remarkable versatility, excellent administrative system and tested standard modules are some of the unique features that make it a preferred option among the tech community. Content management framework of Drupal makes it equally useful to both the designers and developers. This community built website development tool supported by impressive performance levels help in developing a technically advanced and visually appealing website. Before you hire a Drupal web development company to build a website for your business, it is essential to learn about the unique features of this open source CMS. Let us take a look at the important features of Drupal which make it different from its counter parts.

Search engine friendly URL optimization: Designing and launching an appealing web presence drupal developeris not enough. You need to make sure that your online presence gets noticed among the targeted audience. Drupal, loaded with search engine friendly specifications, helps in improving the page rankings of your website. Developers have complete control of URL structure of Drupal powered website. This customized URL structure allows the developers to create SEO friendly URLs for each node.

Customization: Drupal offers an extensive array of templates from which you can make a pick. Contents for your websites can be created easily by selecting the right template.  Modifying the template is also simple and straightforward. Intuitive graphical user interface of Drupal templates makes the customization process easier.

Multiple users management: Controlling and sharing the content of Drupal powered websites with a group of users are easy. Whenever a change is made to the shared content, it will be updated over the entire website instantly.

These are some of the many features of Drupal Content management system that makes it a popular choice amongst the developers.

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Magento Developer

Magento web development platform is one of the leading open source technologies in use on the web. Being a free ecommerce web development platform, Magento ensures cost effectiveness to business enterprises of all sizes and niche. Flexibility, versatility, ease of use and search engine friendly features are some of the major factors that make Magento a popular choice in the digital market. Whether it is about building a B2B online store or B2C shopping cart based website, Magento open source technology can be an ideal choice. But before you hire a professional to work on your Magento ecommerce development project, there are several factors you need to look for. In this blog, we will check out the main factors that you need to take into account when choosing the right Magento professional.

Magento Development

Experience and expertise are the primary factors to look for. You need to ensure that the company you are going to hire has an in-depth expertise in delivering quality services. Do conduct a background check to find more information about the web development company. You may read the customer testimonials, reviews and case studies in order to assess the reputation and credibility of the perspective web development company.

Portfolio is an integral factor that speaks about the practical exposure and creative skills of the developer. Having a detailed look at the portfolio can give you a clear idea about the company’s commitment to clients, their work style and turnaround time. Moreover, the portfolio provides you a clear picture about the methodologies and process.

Customer support is a key element to look for. Establishing a clear and effective communication is essential to avail successful results from outsourcing. Moreover, post development support is also important for improving the reliability, efficiency and performance of your ecommerce solution.

So, when it is about hiring a Magento or PHP web Development Company, make it a point to find a team that listen to your needs and delivers bespoke solutions without breaking your bank.

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